Roll Brush Iron

HSB-02HK (26mm)

Roll brush type of ironing can easily create hair volume from the top and bristles. Smooth styling and deliver soft shiny curls.
Moreover, it is possible to create hair styling while accompanied by a hand. Roll brush iron is ideal for those who are not used to ironing.

  • In consideration of the pad surface, Create Ion ® processed ceramic and nylon pins are arranged and deployed at an appropriate interval. Roll brush iron is not only good for smooth styling, but also allows user to experience soft glossy texture which cannot create by curling irons and blow dryer.
Product ID 4988338220993
Power 220-240VAC
Power consumption 28W
Plate temperature 180 °C
Weight 280
Size (mm) 280 (L) x 45 (H) x 45 (W)
Cord length 2.0m
Finishing process PC、Aluminum, PA , Nyion

Hair styles using Roll Brush Iron 26mm