Brand Story

Technology of Create Ion was professionally recognized.

In 1986, based on many years of natural ore research, we have successfully developed patented technology called “CREATE ION”. By utilizing CREATE ION technology, we have developed a hair dryer exclusively for hair salons. As a result, CREATE ION© created a buzz in Japan and with having a concept of total beauty, numerous improvements have been made since then. Among all, curling iron has been loved by beauty salons and top stylists and become number one market share brand in Japanese beauty industry. CREATE ION products obtain the world numerous patents and attentions from professionals from all over the world.


CREATE ION is a natural ore which contains sunlight energy from the ancient times. We process the natural ore into natural mineral powder which generates a large amount of negative ions, far infrared rays and weak wavelength.

By utilizing synergy of negative ions, far infrared rays and weak wavelength, water molecules is atomized and penetrated to provide moisture and shine to hair and skin.